Pleasures of The Damned

by Strange Ways

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released September 30, 2016

Chris Belanger
Louie Hennessy
Dylan Specht



all rights reserved


Strange Ways London, Ontario

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Track Name: Save Your Sorrows
How the fuck did it end up this way?
The same story played out again on repeat
And all your talk of unity doesn't mean a thing
a fucking coward, you're no ones saving grace

A day later and my coldness grows
consumed by all the sickness inside
I can't compose myself for you or anyone else
so dont forget my face the next time you slander my name

Too much too soon
Devoid of life in hues
Alone in fields of gold, the grey skies I fear below
Your watchtower's burning from within
so how's this going to end?

The pressure rises
My hatred grows
the day will come when your sins are paid in stone
save your sorrows for the gallows
Track Name: London Handshake
I watched it all turn to dust through my hands
Hid my head in the sand
Dug my grave, stacked my folded dreams
My mind is breaking at the stitched tight seams

And to end this all, I’ll tell it like it is
Insidious minds feel the weight of these lines
And in equal measure I’ll recount what we said,
Remember when I cut you, cut you from that thread?

And I still don’t fucking care

Blood on my hands I’m not sorry
That you can’t decide I cannot try to care
And my silence I won’t forsake
But believe me there’s still promises left to break

And lately I’ve been lying awake
On account of these defining traits
Your only request is my very best
But trust me you take more to impress
Stared down the barrel of a gun
Thought maybe I’d be something else to you
Track Name: Common Daydreams
Never get out what I put in
There’s no use wishing when everything comes to a head
So don’t go crying when you get caught in the rain
Just face the burden of pain and accept that things won’t be the same

Do you have the strength to carry on?
Or is your will to fight lost?
And all your hopefulness will get you nowhere move along

and like always I'll be up against the wall as all the blame is pointed at me
(until the verdict’s overturned)
and still always you'll be face to face with the facts that you will never truly see
(have patience all will burn)

I’ve got the strength to carry on
My will to fight is all but gone
Call it a bluff, but I won’t fall

Falter, or crawl, yet still you’ll find a way to prove me wrong
And all along, all I longed was a way to tell the right from the wrong

Burn every wronged right here
Scatter the ashes of every despaired common daydream
Track Name: Iron Temple
Rivers start to flood, I come undone,
Fooled you took my trust and all that I once was
The permanence of life, the earth opens up and the souls of sleepless arise
Arise, there’s no halfway

Clouds turn to red, a sign of darker times
Walls closing in I still can’t help question your ends, means
Retreat, don’t make me repeat what I said:
You’re lost

When the hammer strikes whose side will you find yourself on?
No hope for fortune lies on whimpered dawns

Spare me your excuses as the penniless come to arms
Save your old tradition as the hopeless sound the alarm

Stay the execution of the meek and fallen hearts
Show me passion as our innocence falls apart
Track Name: Pleasures of the Damned
Send my worst regards in kind
My best intentions were never words to live by
No more holding back, that's what I would always say
this time it's for real, and now I think it's time the price is paid

The curtains closed so stop pretending
you never could change face you were always a fake
I may seem distant but with you as my witness
I'll pull you in closely so you can watch as I erase all trace

alone, the toll must be paid before you dare to chase the visions in your head that seemed so clear
I guess that self importance is commonplace
it seems you always

cast the first stone, alone, and when this door closes
I'll be a better person but for now i'll stay vexed
how many times must our tired feet stagger
we walk in circles slowly just to retrace our steps

but still we can't find peace

we are a whisper in a crowded room
we are the thoughts that always dwelled and wouldn't go,
so slow, we wait beyond the throes
of doubt, self-pity, jealousy, and everything that's caught up in between)
we aren't strangers to this faceless agony
we aren't the knife in your back pleasantries
we are the cries on deaf ears that keep us all up at night
so fuck the formalities, let's begin

so just take my hand
isn't this what you always had planned?
please understand, these are the pleasures of the damned.
Still, our love's so strange.